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Space Law: an introduction to a new frontier

To infinity and beyond I’m sure we’ve all seen movies such as “Interstellar”, “Ad Astra” or the famous “Star Wars” series and everything seemed to be so far from us and so imaginary but actually what was in people’s heads…

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The Future of Propulsion

State of the Art Rockets There’s a simple reason why we hear a lot more about cars, ships, and planes than we do about rocket ships: there are a lot more of them. In addition, while each flight into space…

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Space X

What is SpaceX? What has made it so popular within the space industry and beyond? What is it currently dealing with? These are some of the questions we are going to answer in this article. After a general overview of…

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Artemis Program

Introduction  The Artemis program is the human spaceflight program that has the goal of landing “the first woman and the next man” on the Moon, by 2024. The program is carried out predominantly by NASA, U.S. commercial spaceflight companies contracted by NASA, and international partners including the European Space Agency (ESA),…

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Technical Report on Astromining

Future developments and economic implications ECONOMIC ANALYSIS TOOLS FOR MINERAL PROJECTS IN SPACE FRAMEWORK USED FOR ALL THE REASONING FOLLOWED High risk, long lead times, and high capital cost SALES At the present moment –> no real need for astro-mined…

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The Current State of the Space Economy

Introduction Excitement about the future of space is at an all-time high after the successful launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon vehicle during the summer of 2020. Aside from all the fanfare and media attention, the launch also marked a big…

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