About Us

“Guided by our passion and belief in the importance of space development…”

Bocconi Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is the first Italian student association to focus entirely on the space economy and space law.
We have established the first Italian chapter of the SEDS international non-profit organization with a group of talented and ambitious students who share a passion for space, finance, and law. Through the SEDS network, we coordinate with other chapters to partake in shared events and activities while staying unique and independent to our cause. 

Guided by our passion and belief in the importance of space development, we believe we must utilize our knowledge and skills to accelerate the inevitability of human space colonization. We strive to learn and understand the inner workings of the space economy with the hope to educate and empower others in contributing to the realization of this ideal.  
Specifically, we seek to understand, analyze and inspect the space economy and gain insight into what it means to work for a company operating into the space economy sector. Moreover, our goal is to share and cultivate the passion for space, innovation and astronomy by interesting students, providing an opportunity for members to develop their analytical, team working and leadership skills and inspiring people through involvement in space-related projects.

We pursue activities such as:
– Group works to undertake valuation, market reports and advisory analysis for partner firms;
– Business case studies relative to space economy;
– Company visits for our members to better understand how a space company works and what roles operate in it;
– Research on space law;
– Drafting of articles and papers about macroeconomic topics directly involving this sector;
– Collaboration and networking with other universities’ space economy associations;
– Internal seminars taken by members of the association to give each other classes on how the space economy works;
-Lectures, meetings and conferences with professionals (businessmen, markets analysts, space economy professors, etc.) operating or indirectly dealing with the space economy sector.

Meet Our Team!

Mihaela Esanu


Oliver Prat-Stanford


Giulia Serio

Head of Space law​

Maria Kudryavtseva

Head of Marketing

Vladimir Bagnoli

Head of Human Resources​

Anna De Gregorio

Head of Projects​

Filippo Sessa

Head of Networking

Paul Thiriot

Head of Knowledge Sharing

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